The scholar  Abdur Rahmaan ibn Nasir as Sa’dee (died 1376 AH (1955 CE))rahimahullaah said about the saying of Allaah, the Most High:

<<All praise is for Allaah, the Rabb of all the Worlds.>>
(Soorah al Faatihah (1) aayah 1)

“the Rabb (Lord and Nurturer) of all the Worlds” – and His tarbiyyah (nurturing) of His creation, He the Most High, is of two types: general and specific.

So the general type is His creating the creation and giving them provision and guiding them to that which contains benefits for them, that which allows them to survive in this worldly life.

And the specific type is His tarbiyyah of His beloved and dutiful servants; so He nurtures them with true faith and He grants them the success to attain it, and He completes it for them. And He repels away from them those things which act as diversions and impediments and obstructions between them and it.

And its reality is that it is tarbiyyah of being granted success in attaining every good and protection from every evil.

(Tayseer ul Kareem ir Rahmaan  of as Sa’dee rahimahullaah p39,  translated by Nasser ibn Najam)


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