Welcome to ittibaa.com

This website has been set up to spread knowledge of Islaam taken from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah of our Messenger Muhammad sallAllaahu’alaihiwasallam as understood by his companions, passed down from generation to generation by the scholars of every age.

We wish to complement much of the beneficial information which is already available on the web, but in order to achieve this we hope to:

  • accurately present translations of the scholars of the Sunnah in their correct contexts, without addition, subtraction or unnecessary explanation
  • accurately reference all quotes and translations
  • ensure that translators are clearly identified

We make sure that for all material presented on this website, permission has been sought from the translators*, and hope in the longer term to accept appropriate submissions for publication on the website.  Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

We ask Allaah to bless this humble effort and make it sincerely for His sake alone. May He cause those who have contributed to it, and the Muslims, to benefit from it – aameen – indeed He is the Hearer of supplication.

Adnaan ibn Salman


A number of people have emailed me about the website asking if Abu Talhah rahimahullaah was involved in it being set up etc. Instead of repeatedly responding to these I thought it would be easier if I added this statement:

I’ve lived the majority of my life in or near Birmingham. For much of 2003 to 2011 I would make an effort to regularly attend Abu Talhah’s lessons as I found them to be the most knowledge-based and beneficial. He made a point of only translating the words of multiple scholars from the past and present without adding explanations or extrapolations from himself. Unfortunately it wasn’t always easy for people to get copies of the recordings of his lessons. Therefore around 2010/11 I suggested to Abu Talhah that I make my and other brothers’ recordings available online. He had always wanted his lectures to be available free of charge and he very much encouraged me to go ahead. In due course this website was formed. He was involved in the process at every stage and gave me much advice. He didn’t wish for his name to be put prominently on the site so we settled on the name ittibaa hoping to encourage people to follow the texts of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. He also specifically asked me not to place any links to any other website on it. Both he and his wife were pleased with the site, and were happy for all of the Muslims in general to benefit from it.

Abu Talhah and his wife rahimahumAllaah had a pure and sincere love for the Sunnah and the Salaf. This was clear to anyone who knew them well. Allaah took them in a way which inshaaAllaah indicates that He accepted that from them. For those who wish to try to follow their example then perhaps a good starting point would be to listen to his lessons directly, where his beautiful manhaj shone through.

May Allaah guide us all to the Straight Path, aameen.


* ittibaa.com does not hold the copyright for material presented on this website, and it remains the intellectual property of the translator. However all material has been uploaded with the express permission of the translators and may be printed and distributed for free and/or may linked to on the internet, so long as it is referenced back to ittibaa.com