Authentic Adhkaar after the Salaah

Compiled by Abu Talhah rahimahullaah:

Authentic Adhkaar after the Prayer

Note from Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson hafizahullaah:

May Allaah have Mercy on Aboo Talhah and increase his reward for all these beneficial things he did.  I wish that our brothers and sisters could take note of one small error, which is found as “4f” in the above document.  Making the three short forms of thikr eleven times each is NOT established in the Sunnah, and this error was rooted in a common misreading of the hadeeth in Saheeh Muslim referred to, as the scholars have explained.  The reference to al-Bukhaaree for this hadeeth is incorrect, it was reported by Muslim alone (11x). Refer to the following article for details:

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