Lum’at-ul-I’tiqaad Audios (Complete Series)

by Imaam Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee rahimahullaah
explanation by Sh Fawzaan hafizahullaah
translated by Abu Talhah rahimahullaah

Transcript of introductory lession (including a biography of Imaam ibn Qudaamah):

LI – 06-06-12 – 01

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Aqeedat-ut-Tahaawiyyah Audios (Complete Series)

The Creed of Imaam at-Tahaawi, explained by Shaikh Fawzaan. (Translated by Abu Talhah).

Excellent series clarifying the fundamental tenets of belief which every Muslim must have faith in.

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Archived audios also available here: